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In December 2016 we welcomed our First whiskey casks FOr bonding to our Family Farm in County Clare right on the wild atlantic way.

Watch Our First  Batch Of Whiskey Go Into Cask Before we Welcomed it to County Clare 

A Bonder leaving, now defunct, Walker's Distillery in the late 1800s with his Barrel.

The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company was founded by Irish emigrant and drinks industry veteran Louise Mc Guane who has returned to Ireland to join the Irish Whiskey revolution. Irish whiskey is having a resurgence not seen in over 100 years. Multinational drinks companies are jumping into the game alongside small craft distilleries. Our approach is unique, we are reviving a 19th century whiskey business model once prevalent throughout Ireland. There was a time that every town in Ireland had its own local flavour of whiskey. Grocers would travel to distilleries by horse and cart, fill up barrels with whiskey and bring that whiskey home to age.


This is How Bonded Whiskey was Packaged

This is How Bonded Whiskey was Packaged

Because 80% of Whiskies flavour comes from the barrel it is aged in and the climate where that barrel is stored, this resulted in a vast variety of whiskey flavours all over the Island of Ireland. This practice died out over 100 years ago and the last whiskey bonder shut their doors in the 1970s. We at The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company are bringing it back. We are taking inspiration from the inventiveness of the whiskey bonders of the 1800s and applying modern know-how to create the finest quality whiskey that today's whiskey drinkers will love. We expect to go to market with our first whiskey release in 2017. Follow us on social media at the links below to stay up to date on our journey.