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The Gael

J.J. Corry 'The gael' our first blended irish whiskey release aWARDED gOLD mEDAL IN 2017 iRISH wHISKEY aWARDS

Named after a Bicycle J.J. Corry invented, Our first release The Gael took us just about two years to develop. First we sourced excellent quality and very rare mature Irish Whiskey. Then we set about classifying each cask we have into a particular flavour block. Finally we began blending to create a Classic Irish Whiskey, one bursting with juicy fruit flavours. The Gael has not spent any time on our farm, rather it is our first attempt at beginning to express the house style of whiskey we would like to make in the coming years, once our own stock is mature. Our first batch is only 7000 bottles.

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GOLD MEDAL WINNER IRISH WHISKEY AWARDS 2017: Blended Irish Whiskey over 60 euros category

Martin Moran The Sunday Times "A Complex array of fruit and spice aromas with malt honey and citrus to the fore plus a long smooth finish" 92/100

@WhiskeyJason: "Probably the Best Irish I have had in my Glass"


The Blend

The Gael is a 60% Malt 40% Grain blend, and is a blend of some of the Oldest Whiskies we have in stock. It is comprised of:

5% 26 Year Old Single Malt Ex-Sherry Butt

27.5% 11 Year Old Single Malt

27.5% 15 Year Old Single Malt

40% 7 Year Old Single Grain 

Tasting Notes


Hints of fresh bergamot & beeswax


Ripe white stone fruit & lime, with minerality & pink pepper corns


Medium length, minerals again with dried grapefruit & apple notes


Where to Buy Our Whiskey



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Gold Medal Winning JJ Corry "The Gael" is now available to buy online at The Celtic Whiskey Shop who ship internationally and in Germany at IrishWhiskey.de  Simply click on the links to order.


Fawls Bar & Off License 69 O' Connel St. Ennis

Mc Hughs Bar 78 Parnell St. Ennis

The Long Dock, Carrigaholt

Tubridy's Bar, Cooraclare

O' Doherty's, Cooraclare

Doonbeg Golf Club, Doonbeg



In December 2016 we welcomed our First whiskey casks FOr bonding to our Family Farm in County Clare right on the wild atlantic way.

Watch Our First  Batch Of Whiskey Go Into Cask Before we Welcomed it to County Clare 

Resurrecting the Lost Art of Irish Whiskey Bonding

Former Whiskey Bonders Now Pubs

Former Whiskey Bonders Now Pubs

Our vision is to emulate the conditions of  ageing used by whiskey bonders of old whilst applying modern day know-how and thereby resurrect many of the lost flavours of Independent Irish Whiskey and to bring them to market for the modern whiskey drinker.

There was a time when every town in Ireland had its own particular flavour of whiskey. The Golden Age of Irish whiskey saw hundreds of distilleries operating on the Island of Ireland. There were not many brands of Whiskey at that time, rather most distilleries simply made their whiskey and sold it wholesale to grocers for bonding.. These grocers would travel to their local distillery with their barrels, have them filled up with new make whiskey and then cart them home and store them for ageing or blending. Because so much of whiskeys' flavour comes from the barrel it is aged in and the climate where that barrel is stored, this meant that there was huge variety of regional flavours within Irish Whiskey. The Irish Whiskey industry collapsed in the early 1900's and with it came the closure of all but 4 distilleries in Ireland. Those distilleries owned by multinational organisations have made almost all the Irish Whiskey produced ever since. They created individual whiskey brands and turned off the tap to Grocers thereby shutting down the practice of Whiskey Bonding.


Lost Irish Whiskey Brands

Lost Irish Whiskey Brands

The end of bonding meant the end of true flavour variety in Irish Whiskey. It also meant the end of independence and the great variety that once existed in Irish Whiskey has been lost for over 100 years. We want to be a part of changing all that. Taking inspiration from the enterprising Whiskey Bonders of the 1800's we are resurrecting their business model for the 21st century. We are applying modern day know how to create the highest quality whiskey  for the modern drinker.

Who Was J. J. Corry?


When we set out to understand the methodologies of Whiskey Bonders of the 1800's we didn't have to look too far. Only 3 miles away from our farm was once a renowned whiskey bonder called J.J. Corry.  J.J. was an innovator and a man before his time. His little shop at 63 Henry St. Kilrush was a key part of the local community and the only place where you could buy J.J.'s pride whiskey "Corry's Special Malt." It was available by the glass for 3 Pennies or by the Jar.


A Man Before His Time

J.J. was a true entrepreneur and innovator, born on a farm close to our brand home,  because he was not the first born son he was forced to make this own way in the world. We know that he dabbled in auctioneering before he set up this shop in 1890. Once he did acquire the premises and after marrying the girl from the pub next door, he immediately set about setting up his own brand. The town of Kilrush was a busy international port in the 1890s and J.J. would have purchased goods from all over the world directly from the Ship's Captains' fresh from their travels. He sold tea from India, Rum from the Caribbean, Wine from France, Port from Portugal in addition to Guns, Ammunition and Bicycles. A true Renascence man J.J. was a pillar of the community and an early adaptor of technology. He even went so far as to invent a Bicycle called 'The Gael' in the 1890s.  But most of all he was known for his hospitality and of course his  whiskey..

An Original J.J. Corry Label

80% of Whiskey's Flavour Comes from the Barrel It is Aged in and the Climate Where That Barrel Is Stored


Our approach to ageing, just like our approach to farming, is to work hand in hand with Nature. The Irish weather is renowned for its unpredictability and tendency to change. Its common here on the west coast of Ireland to experience four seasons in one day. Our farm right on the Wild Atlantic Way where our first Rackhouse is located has its own unique microclimate. Only one mile "as the crow flies" from the Atlantic Ocean the air is tinged with brine and the temperature can fluctuate wildly throughout the day. Not so great for a biking holiday but fantastic for ageing Whiskey. We won't know for a few years just how our whiskey is going to be, but we are willing to wait. 

                                                     Our Purpose Build Rackhouse on our Family Farm in West Clare Right on The Wild Atlantic Way

                                                     Our Purpose Build Rackhouse on our Family Farm in West Clare Right on The Wild Atlantic Way

A Fine Summers' Day on the Farm

A Fine Summers' Day on the Farm

A Misty Winters' Morning on the Farm

A Misty Winters' Morning on the Farm

Our Purpose Built Whiskey Rackhouse on The Wild Atlantic Way  is the Only One of Its Kind in Ireland

Our Bonded Rackhouse is the only one of its kind in Ireland. It is styled after a traditional Dunnage house but also takes inspiration from Kentucky and France. It has a southerly facing aspect and windows ensuring that the temperature allows for continuous maturation. The floor is nothing but earth with a gravel screed. This promotes humidity in the Rackhouse. It is small in scale ensuring that the sleeping whiskey benefits from the wild fluctuations in barometric pressure and temperature we have in this little micro climate. We hand rack all of our casks on the Bilge, which means on their sides. This is a practice that has totally died out in Ireland, multinationals choose to vertically pallet their whiskey as its makes  better economic sense. We believe that our whiskey will benefit from the extra contact with BOTH heads of the barrel allowing for deeper flavour extraction from the wood. Only time will tell. We have to wait a few years to see if we are right, but we think it will be worth the wait. 

Our Rackhouse is Located on the McGuane family farm right on the Wild Atlantic Way. These are our casks arriving before being racked. 

Our Rackhouse is Located on the McGuane family farm right on the Wild Atlantic Way. These are our casks arriving before being racked. 


We choose to rack on the Bilge because we think the Whiskey benefits from additional contact with both heads of the barrel. 

All of our casks are Racked by Hand 

All of our casks are Racked by Hand 

A Special Place Steeped in Legend and History

P.J. Mc Guane Still Farms the Land Today

P.J. Mc Guane Still Farms the Land Today

Our business is based on the McGuane family farm, located on the Wild West Coast of Ireland in the beautiful county Clare. The farm has been in the McGuane family for generations and is still farmed today by P.J. our founder's father. We keep a herd of 50 dairy cows and about 30 cattle depending on how good a year it is.

Peat Bog & Faerie Folk

The farm boasts not only its own Peat Bog, which we have great future plans for, but also plays host to what is known locally as a "Fairy Fort." This mystic earth mounds found all over County Clare are said to be the dwelling places of the 'Little Folk.' We like to think that they will keep a watchful eye over our sleeping whiskey.

A Fairy Fort

A Fairy Fort


Independence Has Always Mattered Here

We know from family legend that the farm was known as a safe haven for Rebels and Freedom Fighters during Ireland's turbulent past. This was confirmed when, during a renovation, we found a FlinkLock Pistol, hidden in the rafters of our barn. It does not seem that the weapon was ever needed and it was long forgotten, we have had it dated to 1790!

Our FlintLock Pistol discovered in 2012

Our FlintLock Pistol discovered in 2012

A Drinks Industry Veteran But a Farmer's Daughter at Heart

Louise and Ruby the Whiskey Dog On Her Family Farm In County Clare 

Louise and Ruby the Whiskey Dog On Her Family Farm In County Clare 

My name is Louise McGuane and I left my home in Ireland 20 years ago, my subsequent career in the drinks industry took me all over the world and I have been lucky to live and work in New York, Paris, London and Singapore. In those 20 years I worked and learned from some of the best in global multinational drinks companies Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Moet Hennessey. I know the drinks industry inside out and it truly is my passion.

After marrying my husband in 2012 I was soon faced with a tough decision. I was no longer able to leap from country to country every 3 years or travel 80% of the time on business so, I decided to walk away from my global corporate career. I took a little time off and spent it back home in Ireland. During that time I watched my 74 year old father & mother continue to work the farm as they had always done in the knowledge their neither my brother nor I would farm it after they were gone. The Irish have a particular connection to the land and I felt a duty to secure the future of the family farm. I am certainly not the farmer that my father is, so I decided to use my established skill set and so, I founded The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Company. After all, Irish Whiskey is ultimately an agricultural product, so why not ensure a future for the farm for the next generation by finishing and ageing whiskey in the very special place.

For the Full Irish Examiner Article CLICK HERE

For the Full Irish Examiner Article CLICK HERE





We Are Hiring 


Part Time 15-20 Hours Per Week Location: Cooraclare, Co. Clare

About the Company. The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Co. was founded in 2015. It is Ireland’s only Whiskey Bonder maturing and blending whiskey on site in West Clare. The company produces award winning JJ CORRY whiskey and is export focused. The company began exporting to USA, Germany and the UK in Sept. 2017 and is currently in seeding phase. A lean organisation the company operates as a modern start-up with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our team is spread between 3 countries and we use several Apps to streamline communication and workflow. It is an exciting time to join the business as we gear up to build an onsite Blending & Bottling Facility and to open a small-scale Luxury Tourist offering in Summer 2018. The company has an on-site guest house used for hosting events and VIP customers. For more information please see www.jjcorry.com

Role Requirements

·It is an absolute necessity that the candidate for this role has computer and internet proficiency.  Experience with and aptitude for Microsoft Word, including generating Excel, Powerpoint, and Word documents is a must. Knowledge of social media and capability of posting to same is necessary. Candidate must be able to communicate via SKYPE and use online Apps to register and log deliveries. Basic training will be given to use new Apps, but not on general PC usage.

·  This role will only suit a flexible self-starter who understands that at this early stage in the business responsibilities are liable to change. The definition of this role is likely to evolve over time.

·  Must be able to lift and move 12 Kilos (a case of whiskey)

·  Must have own transport for site access



·        Arrange for and log deliveries On site & Off site

·        Log Alcohol Deliveries via Online Revenue System (Training & support will be provided)

·        Raise invoices via online system (Instruction will be provided)

·        Chase customers for outstanding invoices

·        Wrap & Mail samples to Journalists, Bloggers etc.

·        Respond to general email enquiries

·        Digitise PR coverage and keep track of same

·        General Filing of invoices, bills etc.

·        Upload photos to social media accounts

·        Create and manage contact lists, accounts lists etc.

·        Manage and maintain Dropbox account

·        Arrange and coordinate conference calls and meetings

Site Management

·        Provide site access to occasional visitors, tradesmen, consumers and customers

·        Give short informational tours occasionally around Whiskey Rackhouse (training provided)

·        Assist with coordination of special events & VIP parties

·        Manage on site guest house

o   Coordinate cleaning and upkeep with 3rd parties

o   Troubleshoot any issues

o   Provide House access when necessary to guests tradesmen etc.

o   Act as on-the-ground contact for guests


The Chapel Gate Irish Whiskey Co. is an equal opportunity employer. All Applications Considered


Please send your CV & a Short Cover Letter to: Admin@ChapelGateDistillery.Com