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The Gael

J.J. Corry 'The gael' our first blended irish whiskey release aWARDED gOLD mEDAL IN 2017 iRISH wHISKEY aWARDS & sAN FRANCISCO WORLD SPIRITS AWARDS

Named after a Bicycle J.J. Corry invented, Our first release The Gael took us just about two years to develop. First we sourced excellent quality and very rare mature Irish Whiskey. Then we set about classifying each cask we have into a particular flavour block. Finally we began blending to create a Classic Irish Whiskey, one bursting with juicy fruit flavours. The Gael has not spent any time on our farm, rather it is our first attempt at beginning to express the house style of whiskey we would like to make in the coming years, once our own stock is mature. Our first batch is only 7000 bottles.

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Gold medal winner san francisco world spirits awards 2018: Blended Irish whiskey category

GOLD MEDAL WINNER IRISH WHISKEY AWARDS 2017: Blended Irish Whiskey over 60 euros category


On the nose: an initial hit of ripe bananas; orange marmalade; lime cordial; delicate wood notes throughout; lemon meringue pie; pencil sharpenings – very slight to start then emerge stronger but are never overwhelming; subtle hint of almonds; slight hint of coconut which grows the longer it’s in the glass.

In the mouth: a slightly oily texture; a slight burst of pepper; fruit emerges with tinned mandarins followed by lime juice; lemon bonbons; gooseberries; the oak influence is apparent but, again, not overwhelming; Juicy Fruit chewing gum; heading into the finish there are chocolate covered raisins; it becomes slightly drying which contrasts with the fruity sweetness adding an extra layer of complexity.


Jonny McCormick-Whisky Advocate march 2018

"Chapel Gate whiskey aims to resurrect the lost art of the Irish whiskey bond. This delicious debut is built around parcels of aged single malt and grain sourced from County Louth. Fresh hay, floral blossoms, comb honey, dry spice, oak, a crate of whole lemons, and growing spices. Lemon sherbet, clean vanilla, and a peppery grunt resolve flavors of rich barley sugar and a hot pepper finish"90 points

Martin Moran The Sunday Times "A Complex array of fruit and spice aromas with malt honey and citrus to the fore plus a long smooth finish" 92 points

@WhiskeyJason: "Probably the Best Irish I have had in my Glass"



"Lovely silky texture, with those citrus notes broadening out into lemon meringue pie with hints of cinnamon. Now it starts to build, gaining power and pace to reach a darker, spicier place where all that citric lift is forgotten. Towards the end, buttery popcorn, then sweet mushed banana and coconut."




The Blend

The Gael is a 60% Malt 40% Grain blend, and is a blend of some of the Oldest Whiskies we have in stock. It is comprised of:

5% 26 Year Old Single Malt Ex-Sherry Butt

27.5% 11 Year Old Single Malt

27.5% 15 Year Old Single Malt

40% 7 Year Old Single Grain 

Tasting Notes


Hints of fresh bergamot & beeswax


Ripe white stone fruit & lime, with minerality & pink pepper corns


Medium length, minerals again with dried grapefruit & apple notes